Corporate Social Responsibility

We follow Deutsche Post DHL takes its responsibility to society, to the communities in which we operate, to our employees and to the environment seriously – so seriously that we were one of the first companies to include corporate responsibility (CR) as an integral component in our corporate strategy. Deutsche Post DHL aims to advance and promote sustainable development, taking into consideration our specific business activities, our competencies and the challenges our company faces.

Committed to sustainable development, DHL creates innovative, effective, environmentally friendly logistics services that fulfill customer's needs, while minimizing undesirable impacts. We move as much cargo as possible by rail. DHL also contributes its considerable know-how to intermodal transport, both in improving its own services and in developing intermodal capabilities

Supporting Culture   
DHL Global Forwarding Syria has launched its project of sponsoring, encouraging and spreading Culture in all its aspects in Syria. The first activity was the Photo Exhibition “Dervish Rituals” by a Syrian artist who tried to capture the “State” of the Mevlevi Sufis, their compassion and their impressions. The exhibition was held in the historical hall of Khan As’ad Pasha under the high auspices of the Syrian Minister of Culture between March 4th and March 13th             . Various Ambassadors, foreign companies & business men attended the opening ceremony cocktail that was accompanied by a live performance of the Mevlevi Dervish Group.

Furthermore we sponsored a Jazz concert performed by a specialized Russian Band in Damascus, in addition to the shielding cover that we sponsored when Salahuddin Ayyubi statue was under restoration.
Our efforts in supporting culture, especially international culture, emanates from our global responsibility, in addition to our local commitments. We chose cultural activities for the effect it has on our youths’ future in which we have faith, and because of our optimistic look to the future.
Our partnership in the International Violin Competition with Solhi Al Wadi Institute of Music is our forth cultural activity, to be succeeded by other planned activities during next year.


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