Packing & Removal

To transform the Packing & Removal process into a stress-free task, the first vital step is choosing a competent moving company, which can provide the services complying with your specific needs and requirements. Entrusting your possessions and their transport to complete strangers is an extremely stressful step, choosing a moving company is very much an individual choice and your decision should be tailored to your actual needs, to save on time and extra cost.

Our mission is turning your Packing & Removal experience into an exciting, enjoyable and Stress Free task.

By performing integrated service our Company has the ability to provide you with a one stop shopping point as following:





   Shipping Services: Airfreight, Ocean Freight and Land Freight

   Export Customs Clearance

   Destination Services include Import Customs Clearance, Transportation, Unpacking and removal of debris.

Packing Steps:

Our packing process has a defined outline, solid to ensure our customers trust and peace of mind, flexible enough to adjust according to needed requirements. Don’t wait until you have a moving day. Contact us at least one month before you intend to move, we will then work with you to help you through the process.

 1.  Assessment: Our Experts will undertake an assessment survey to estimate our customers’ requirements and needs.

  2. Offer: will be submitted promptly after thorough study.

 3. Plan: a plan will be developed tailor made to fit each customer’s requirements and commodities.

Tips & Rules:
will be provided to customer pointing out different aspects to be taken into consideration while moving, check lists, and golden rules.

Pick up & Transportation: By estimating correctly volumes on hand, we can provide you beforehand with accurate transportation means.

Unpacking: Fast and precise, moving commodities into their designated space as per customer’s request and removal of debris.

Customer Satisfaction Survey: Your opinion counts!

Packing Materials:

Each item has its defined kind of packing material
A wide range of packing material is used during Packing Processes depending on Material specifications and requirements. Our superior packing materials can also be sold to you for your personal use.

   Wooden Boxes (Fumigated)

   Wooden Crates (Fumigated)

   Cartons: including different types (Regular Boxes, Hanging Garments… etc.)

   Encapsulated-air Plastic Sheeting (Bubble Wrap)

   Loose fill Peanuts: pieces of expanded polystyrene that are used to fill empty spaces in packages with lightweight items.

   Shrink Wrap

   Corrugated Paper

   And many other specialized materials

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