Warehousing & Distribution

We provide multi-customer and dedicated warehouses, enabling clients to hold inventory at local level, providing downstream distribution.

DHL Global Forwarding Damascus Logistics Facility:
Located 7 KM from Damascus Airport and 23 KM from Damascus city center.
Total Land area: 110,000 sqm, out of which 70,000 sqm are fenced with barbed wire and will be put to use in a later stage, 40,000 sqm are encircled by a 3.5 m high fence (2.5 m of concrete and 1 m of double metal net) this part contains the present warehouses and offices.
About DHL-9

Total Warehouses Space:  5,000 sqm of fully equipped warehouses that will be extended to 14,000 sqm in phase two.

2- Services
 Warehouses specifications and equipment:
• Fire alerts, protection and escape routes
• Security guards and alarms
• Material Handling Equipment
• Racking & Shelving
• HSE needs
• Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Measurement
• Staff
• Warehouse Management System (WMS)

We offer Superior Warehousing:
• Regular Warehousing
• Financial Warehousing
• Open Air Warehousing
• Sensitive Material Warehousing
• Cool Storage Facility
• Packing
• Transportation and Distribution
• Multi-client/multi-order picking
• Customs clearance for Inbound, Outbound, Swap & Repair
With Full Management:
• Smart Warehouse Management
• Expiry date alerts
• Insurance coverage
• Smoke detectors
• Fire alarm
• Fire extinguishers
• 24 hour security guards
• Integrated burglary alarm system
Our warehouse service supports inbound logistics, distribution and aftermarket services in a way that improves inventory management, reduces total operating costs and improves cycle times.

Our facilities offer our customers warehousing that is fully integrated into the wider supply chain and meets demanding service levels. This encompasses the design implementation and operation for both dedicated and multi-user sites.
Benefits include improvements in:

• Customer Service Level
• Stock Accuracy
• Lead times
• Redundant stock costs
• Productivity responsiveness to a company's strategic needs

3- Main Customers:
Ericsson / Telecom logistics
Our experience with Ericsson stated from 2003 to … with a warehousing & Distribution contract that is being renewed till present.

Main logistic services provided:
Follow up all import shipments to secure on-time / intact arrival to Syria (Airports, Ports, and Customs Secretariats).
Perform Customs Clearance for Ericsson / Syrian Telecommunication Establishment (STE) import shipments.
Transport the shipments from the clearance point to DHL Global Forwarding Warehouses in Damascus.
Perform full Warehouse Management.
Distribution of goods from the Warehouse to all sites.
Site returns.
Export shipments and Swap & Repair.

Huawei / Telecom logistics

  • 2007 was the starting of our warehousing & distribution services provided to Huawei. The contract is being renewed since then to cover the following services:
  • Transport the shipments from the clearance point to DHL Global Forwarding Warehouse.
  • Perform full Warehouse Management.
  • Distribution of goods from the Warehouse to all sites.
  • Site returns.
  • Export shipments and Swap & Repair.


Warehouse Management Solutions

Warehouse Management Systems
The Warehouse Management System (WMS) records all events and actions in the receipt, handling, storage of products and orders in a warehouse environment. The WMS also accurately records the location of inventory whilst stored in the warehouse.
Our Prologs WMS manages all critical processes in the warehouse, and is also an important support for varied transport and distribution concepts (planning, time controlling, booking of transport capacity, communication with customs and other authorities).
Cross Docking
Cross-dock operations are facilities where shipments are received from one mode of transport and transferred to another mode, or where shipments complete one leg of a journey prior to commencement of another journey. Shipments are consolidated or deconsolidated. Product received into the facility is not taken into inventory.
Inventory Optimization
Through effective inventory management, inefficiencies can be driven out of the supply chain, overall costs reduced and high service levels achieved. We optimize inventory at a line-item level at every stage of the supply chain.
We focus on driving results in:
• Supplier management
• Expediting
• Order replenishment
• Demand forecasting
• Safety stock setting
• Order pipeline monitoring
• Excess stock management
Inventory optimization is supported by inventory management software that calculates 'line item risk profiles' that measure the variability of demand and supply for each line item within a customer's inventory to provide:
• Average of 20% inventory reduction and 8% improvement in product availability
• Reduced inventory and overhead costs
• Improved sales, profitability and return on investment
• High service standards
• Better matching of supply with demand
• More streamlined and responsive supply chain
Multi-Customer Warehousing
Our shared-user facilities are designed to meet the needs of Organizations of any size. Currently, we provide shared-user services to leading manufacturers and retailers of medical supplies, consumer products, industrial equipment, chemicals and technology.
Through sharing of DHL's resources, such as space, labor, equipment and transportation, customers benefit from synergies that considerably reduce supply chain costs.
This environment returns significant value to a small business requiring distribution operations without long term lease or capital commitments, or a large enterprise handling a new acquisition, product launches or seasonal overflow


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